According to the Pew Research Center, 37% of grandparents who live with their grandchildren are their primary caregivers ("5 Facts About American Grandparents"), and they receive less support than non-traditional caregivers (i.e., foster parents).

Situated in the Bronx, the Grandparent Family Building is an apartment complex designed to help deal with this issue, with programs that provide education and assistance for this aging population tasked with caring for at-risk youth. 

I worked on this story in 2012-2013 and spent time with Maria Vega, 73, and Melvenia Smith, 78. Vega, who lives with her three grandchildren: Andre, 21, Sasha, 23, and Nayesha, 9, is tasked primarily with the care of Nayesha, who has a learning disability and possibly ADHD and a bipolar disorder. Melvenia ("Mel"), lives with her two granddaughters, Yolanda, 17, and Jocelyn, 23, and Jocelyn's newborn daughter, Shaneera ("Nini"). During the day, Mel baby-sits a friend's toddler and looks after the newborn while Jocelyn looks for a job.